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TWELVE POTTERY STUDIO  is a space born out of love for pottery and clay. What started out as a hobby and as an art form for me to explore turned out to be my most passionate project for life! I fell in love with pottery, the first time I touched clay and never wanted to stop spinning the pottery wheel. Since then I've practically been breathing, reading, sleeping and loving pottery every single day!

Now, I make pottery which is for sale and also host workshops for the same!

You can shop our collection here or contact us for a custom order. Other than this, I also produce ceramic goods in bulk quantities for gifting, corporate favours and hampers. 

We customise all kinds of ceramic ware, through slip-casting, hand-building and wheel thrown pottery.

If you want to learn pottery from us, you can register for our workshops which are 1 day to 1 month long.

You can reach out to us -
Whatsapp : +918799160830
E-mail :

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