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Dates : 13th May - 16th May 2024

Monday - Thursday


Timings : 12 - 1.30 pm.


Class strength - 12 - 15 students per batch.


Registration on first come first basis.




- This is a hand-building course in pottery, for absolute beginners. It gives an introduction to the various techniques used for making sculptures and projects in ceramics.

- The course will cover clay preparation, techniques used in hand- building, material handling and will enable you to make fully functional ceramicwares.


  • About Foundation in Hand Building Pottery


1) You will prepare your own clay, learn the different forms and techniques used in pottery through hand building, manage and understand the tools/equipments in pottery and explore the various forms and textures.

2) Techniques covered - clay pinching, coiling, slab building, merging, attaching one form of clay to another and clay manipulation.

3) Decoration techniques like fluting and carving for the projects.

4) You will make your own projects through handbuilding which will be fired and glazed in the studio, these will be 100% functional, food, micro-wave safe.

5) What will you be able to make - Through the techniques that are covered by us you will be able to make almost all kinds of functional & non-functional wares like plates, platters, bowls, show-pieces, vases, pots, home-decor, any personal projects etc.




1) Pottery kit, tools and other equipments required for the course.

2) Clay used at the studio.

3) All required tools for decoration

4) Bisque firing and Glaze Firing of your final piece.

5) The piece received after the workshop will be 100% ceramic, food-safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.




1) Refunds - We will give you a 100% refund if you cancel within the first 24 hours of making a booking till before 8th May. If you cancel after 24 hours till before 8th may, we will give you a 50% refund of the fees.

Any bookings made between 9th May - 12th May will be considered as the final booking and no refunds will be provided for the same, even if you cancel within the first 24 hrs of your booking.

There are no exceptions to this rule under any circumstance.

In case of a medical emergency, we will refund you 10% of the fees if you provide an evidence of the same before the sessions begin.


2) Missing/Rescheduling Sessions - 

- Any Session missed on your end will not be re-scheduled or made up for. We will not provide any refunds or extra hours for the same.

- Any Session cancelled by us will be rescheduled with prior information about the rescheduled date and time. If you're unable to attend the rescheduled session, it will be counted as a missed session on your end. If we're unable to reschedule under any circumstance we will provide you with a refund of Rs 400 per session, per student. 

- Any Session cancelled due to a natural problem (Heavy rains, flood etc.) will be rescheduled to a later date with prior information about the date and time. We will reschedule upto 1 session during the entire course under this scenario. If you're unable to attend the rescheduled session, it will be considered as a missed session on your end. If we're unable to re-schedule under this circumstance, we will not be providing any refunds.


3) Your Seat can be transferred to another person if you're unable to attend the course, before it starts. We will not allow you to transfer a seat after you've attended a session or in the middle of the course.


4) Your slot will only be considered as booked after we receive 100% of the payment. 




- If you have any further questions, please whatsapp us on 8799160830 and someone from our team will get back to you. 

- You can Dm us on instagram @twelve.potterystudio for any further questions. 

- You can book your slot through Instagram, Whatsapp, On this website or by giving us a call on 879916030. 

- If you'd like to pay in cash, please get in touch with us on the above number or instagram/whatsapp and we will help you with the same. 






May '24 Foundation in Hand Building (Beginners)

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